Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shifting deadlines

Figuring out a date has turned out to be a tricky one. Initially we just wanted to get things done this summer, so we planned to give ourselves as much time as possible and went for Aug. 30 - Labour Day weekend. But it seems that's just not soon enough for most people!

First we remembered that James' sister is starting university this fall, so she'll be leaving (for Halifax?) on that weekend. We considered the previous weekend - but no, James' cousin Shawna will be returning to Korea on the 19th. The weekend before that? No, the best man is attending another wedding that day. The week before that doesn't work either - turns out my mom (a teacher) has to return to work on the 7th.

So here we are, looking at Aug. 6th, (yes, a Wednesday) and wondering if we can get everything planned in time. On Tuesday at the Hey Fixie ride, I asked a friend how planning went for his wedding last year, since they had a nice smallish wedding. "Yeah, it works totally fine. Here's how it goes, you [Elaine] plan everything and you [James] agree with everything. Oh, and two words: Home brew."

So the "have you set a date?" status now is, we've checked with our "must attend" guests, found an available venue (our first choice, actually), conducted an informal poll as to whether a weekday wedding would be attendable for the majority of our guests, and we're just waiting to hear back from the person we'd like to officiate.

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