Thursday, July 17, 2008

Registry Information (Update)

Hello All,

A post from James! Yes, still alive.

Here's a PDF copy of our Gourmet Warehouse Registry, for those interested. Their registry setup is a bit more low-tech, so please check with the store before making any purchases. Unfortunately online shopping is not available, but you can visit the store at 1340 E. Hastings, or by phone at 604-253-3022.



Monday, July 7, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beach reconnaissance

I got off work early yesterday and headed down to Third Beach to see what it looks like at low tide (which is when our ceremony will be). I think it'll turn out really nice, large parts of the beach are empty at low tide because the sunbathers all stay above the high water mark and not too many people go swimming. So, since the parts of the beach most likely to be empty are the wet sand parts, you will probably be most comfortable in flip flops or bare feet.

I'd heard some horror stories about ceremonies at low tide being graced by seagulls and errant seaweed all over the place and sand lice and funny smells, but I didn't detect any of that.

There's one particular spot which I think would work really nicely. If you're familiar with Third Beach, it's right at the very very north end, where the sand ends and rocks begin. There's a patch of sand (I think big enough for 40 people?) with rocks to the north, water to the west, and a huge boulder to the east. It's semi-private and really only accessible at low tide.

Afternoon low tide on Aug. 6 will be 2.3 m at 3:37 pm. As it happens, Thursday's afternoon low tide is also 2.3 m, so I think I'll make another visit just to see what it looks like then. It was out to 1.1 when I went yesterday, so not the best indicator of how much sand will be above water when I'm trying to get married.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Things are getting settled down here

We've gotten 5 or 6 RSVPs back; many thanks to prompt responders! I'm rather impressed with the quickness; we mailed the invites on a Friday and my mom in Kentucky said she got hers Tuesday.

Our next task is to find a photographer. I am seriously in like with a woman who charges $900 an hour, but that is not going to happen. A friend of James' is starting her career (she's done 4 or 5 weddings so far, I think) and we will probably go with her.

We're also looking for rings. There's a gallery on Granville Island that has a bunch of stuff we like... some very simple and unique designs. There's also the previously mentioned Martinus Gold on Saltspring, who does custom work as well. I like this one quite a bit (though I'm not interested in 25 diamonds) and this is James' favourite.

Our weekends are getting booked up at an alarming rate. This Saturday we're going to an all-day premarital counselling workshop recommended by our officiant; the one after we're having a housewarming/engagement party. And there's always more shopping to do! We've purchased one part of our favours; the other part can wait till we have a better idea of a guest count. No, I'm not telling you what it is. Also on our to-do list is have a reception menu tasting. yum!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


  • To Third Beach
    • By bike: Via the Seawall bike path or Stanley Park Drive. Feel free to make a pile on the beach.
    • By bus: From the Main St. skytrain station, take the "19 Stanley Park" bus. Get off at the Stanley Park Dr. traffic circle. Third Beach is about a 1.6 km walk - cross under the Stanley Park Causeway, turn right on N. Lagoon Drive, and look for the Tatlow Walk trail on the right. Or if you'd like to take a bit of time to see the rest of the park, catch the free shuttle bus which makes a stop at Third Beach.
    • By car: If you are coming from Hwy 1, exit at Hastings and continue into the downtown core. Turn left on Burrard and right one block later onto Pender, which merges with Georgia. At the Georgia St. entrance to the park, go straight onto Pipeline Rd. at the traffic circle. Turn left at Stanley Park Dr. and continue about 3 km to Third Beach. Turn right to access the parking lot. Alternatively, if traffic is light, stay on the Stanley Park Causeway, exit at Park Drive, and continue on as above.
  • From Third Beach to radha yoga & eatery (728 Main St., second floor):
    • By bike: The person at the front decides the route, of course. Indoor bike parking is available, but do bring a lock.
    • By bus: Catch the #19 Metrotown bus from southbound Lagoon Dr. at Stanley Park Causeway. Get off at Keefer, cross Main St., and walk one block south.
    • By car: Head south on Stanley Park Dr. Following the signs for the Georgia St. exit, turn left on N. Lagoon Dr. Turn right to merge onto Stanley Park Causeway, which turns into Georgia St. and then the Georgia Viaduct. Take the Main St. offramp and turn left on Main. Go north for one block. Parking is available at Main & Georgia on the west side, or continue one more block to Keefer, turn right, and look for the parking garage on the right.
Other handy things to know
  • The ceremony will start at 4:00 pm. Feel free to arrive around 3:30; we'll be there to mingle with friends and family.
  • Bring an umbrella.
  • Dress comfortably. Shoes are optional.
  • No, you won't have to do any yoga at the reception, though if you really want to I don't think anyone will stop you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A suitably productive and relaxing weekend

We had a great time on Saltspring. Our initial planning sucked, we didn't pack in advance at all and woke up at 8 on Friday. I decided to look up the ferry schedule and saw that the only two ferries to Long Harbour that day were at 12:15 and 8:30. Did some quick math about how long it would take us to bike 40 km, checked the schedule for the Massey Tunnel shuttle (no bike riding in the tunnel!), and deduced and we'd have to leave at 9:15. So an hour fifteen to eat breakfast and do all our packing and getting ready.

Getting to the ferry went just fine, we were there before 12 actually. And that was pretty good, since when I was looking at the ferry schedule, I thought it was Saturday. The ferry leaves at 12 on Friday, not 12:15. Also, it goes to Fulford Harbor via Swartz Bay, not Long Harbour. Fulford is 15 km from where we were staying (Long Harbour is 6) and also you have to climb a huge long hill, which I didn't know about.

Anyway that all worked out fine and we got to our B&B just fine and had a lovely time and it was hot and sunny. We weren't planning on doing any wedding planning, but we did find a very nice jeweler and a pattern for my practice dress. I'll be making it without those little cap sleeves. I got some awesome fabric for it too, but I can't find a link.

Tonight we're meeting with our officiant for the first time.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

How do people manage with big weddings?

Ours is small and I'm tired of it already. I've comforted myself recently with the knowledge that, once the invitations are sent, we don't actually HAVE to do anything else for the day to go off alright. It's kind of like that point in a course where you realize, even if you don't do one single assignment for the rest of the semester, you'll still pass. Why yes, I did have a terrible case of senioritis my last year of university, why do you ask?

Tonight James and I are meeting with a friend of his to work on invitation design. We've mostly got it down, decided on the wording, figured out whose design we'd like to rip off (this one), and now all we need to do is tweak the layout and argue over fonts. I'm going for Jane Austen and Port Credit, and James is in the "less girly" camp.

James' best man has thrown a monkey wrench into the mix; his work schedule has been changed (he's a firefighter) and he's now scheduled to work at 6 pm on our wedding day. Apparently there is no way for him to get out of this. So, looks like the ceremony has to be at 4. I'm trying to figure out what to do with the in-between-ceremony-and-reception time - we'd been planning on avoiding it because it feels disjointed and leaves people wondering how to kill time for a couple hours.

We've also signed up for a marriage counseling workshop on June 7 at the request of our officiant. Looks like it should be beneficial, and cheaper than individual counseling! Can't go wrong with that.

Anyway, this weekend we are taking a break from planning and instead blowing some money on a trip to Saltspring Island. We're staying in a nice B&B and we're going to have a calm and relaxing weekend. We'll probably do some wine tours, maybe go to some yarn stores after (plenty of sheep on that island, and after the wine tour is the appropriate time if James is to come along). Maybe we'll look at some jewelers and fabric stores as well.