Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A suitably productive and relaxing weekend

We had a great time on Saltspring. Our initial planning sucked, we didn't pack in advance at all and woke up at 8 on Friday. I decided to look up the ferry schedule and saw that the only two ferries to Long Harbour that day were at 12:15 and 8:30. Did some quick math about how long it would take us to bike 40 km, checked the schedule for the Massey Tunnel shuttle (no bike riding in the tunnel!), and deduced and we'd have to leave at 9:15. So an hour fifteen to eat breakfast and do all our packing and getting ready.

Getting to the ferry went just fine, we were there before 12 actually. And that was pretty good, since when I was looking at the ferry schedule, I thought it was Saturday. The ferry leaves at 12 on Friday, not 12:15. Also, it goes to Fulford Harbor via Swartz Bay, not Long Harbour. Fulford is 15 km from where we were staying (Long Harbour is 6) and also you have to climb a huge long hill, which I didn't know about.

Anyway that all worked out fine and we got to our B&B just fine and had a lovely time and it was hot and sunny. We weren't planning on doing any wedding planning, but we did find a very nice jeweler and a pattern for my practice dress. I'll be making it without those little cap sleeves. I got some awesome fabric for it too, but I can't find a link.

Tonight we're meeting with our officiant for the first time.

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