Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Things are getting settled down here

We've gotten 5 or 6 RSVPs back; many thanks to prompt responders! I'm rather impressed with the quickness; we mailed the invites on a Friday and my mom in Kentucky said she got hers Tuesday.

Our next task is to find a photographer. I am seriously in like with a woman who charges $900 an hour, but that is not going to happen. A friend of James' is starting her career (she's done 4 or 5 weddings so far, I think) and we will probably go with her.

We're also looking for rings. There's a gallery on Granville Island that has a bunch of stuff we like... some very simple and unique designs. There's also the previously mentioned Martinus Gold on Saltspring, who does custom work as well. I like this one quite a bit (though I'm not interested in 25 diamonds) and this is James' favourite.

Our weekends are getting booked up at an alarming rate. This Saturday we're going to an all-day premarital counselling workshop recommended by our officiant; the one after we're having a housewarming/engagement party. And there's always more shopping to do! We've purchased one part of our favours; the other part can wait till we have a better idea of a guest count. No, I'm not telling you what it is. Also on our to-do list is have a reception menu tasting. yum!

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