Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekend plans

Since I left JLo at Naomi's house last week, I'm doing my organizing here instead. (Have you met JLo? My wedding planner? Staples, $30.)

  • Friday night: James finish moving.
  • Friday night: Elaine scope out Stanley Park again to make sure the directions are right, especially via public trans
  • Saturday morning: set up joint bank account at PC Financial
  • Saturday morning: James and Jordan go buy their suits
  • Saturday morning: Meanwhile, I guess I'll amuse myself at the mall
  • Saturday afternoon: ugh, trip to Ikea in Richmond... we need some shelves, like, yesterday
  • sometime else on Saturday: Figure out what we'd like to do re: honeymoon
  • also whenever we can fit this in: figure out a registry or wish list or something.
  • if possible: visit fabric stores.
  • unrelated: watch some racing at the velodrome

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